I’m Sanne, I’m 29 years old and I live in Utrecht, a city in the center of the Netherlands, with my sweet and inquisitive cat Dash. I work at a fashion company in Amsterdam as an Accounts Payable Administrator.

The story behind the blog
In November 2013 I started a blog in Dutch (SuperSanne.nl). At the time I was unemployed and I wanted to start blogging to have an outlet for my thoughts and interests. Since I have a hard time following through on things, I decided to start with a small goal: write one blog post every week. In 2014 I almost achieved that goal with 49 blog posts. I also chose to write in Dutch, my mother tongue. However, ever since I started blogging I’ve wanted to write in English. I have a couple of reasons for that:

1. Most of the books, blogs and websites I read are in English (U.S. mostly) and most my university education was in English, so it feels obvious to write in this language.
2. I love connecting with bloggers and other people from all over the world. Writing in English is the means to do this, even though at the same time I know I still won’t reach everyone.
3. I feel I’m more creative with the English language, because English is not my mother tongue and consequently it forces me to think more about the words I write down. Also, English has a larger vocabulary than Dutch.

What about the blog title?
In short, the title SuperSanne is meant to be funny and at the same time empowering to myself. Nothing is what it seems is kind of a life’s motto to me. I came up with this during introduction week at a student’s association I wanted to join, when I was asked to think of my life’s motto. When people meet me for the first time, their immediate impression often isn’t right and they apply labels and characteristics to me that I’m not. Or they don’t look further than their first impression of me. I don’t mean this necessarily as an accusation, but it’s more of an observation and of course it’s something everyone does (me included). Nothing is what it seems means that I’m more than someone’s first impression, that it’s more complicated than that and it also encourages me to not take anything at face value. It’s dazzling when you think about the fact that every single person has a story that’s layered, complicated, beautiful and ugly at the same time.

What do I write about?
I basically write about anything that I find interesting, but I have a couple of subjects I love to write about: feminism, faith (Christianity), women’s rights, diversity, self empowerment, racism, personal development, current events. I often write blogs about books I read, movies I watched, music I heard and so forth.