A big part of my life has been about questions such as: “Why am I here?“, “What can I contribute to the world?” and “What is my role?“. These questions were my incentive to do the Essence training and since I did the training, almost a year ago, more and more pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place and I’m getting more clarity with each passing day. And yesterday I realized that it’s actually very clear what my life’s mission is.

In April I did the Beyond Doubt training. The purpose of this training is to live beyond your fears and doubts. In the training you learn what intuition is and how you can make choices out of your intuition. The training is also about rewriting your future. For me it became very clear during the Beyond Doubt that I still have the dream to be on stage. As a child this was already my dream, but I ‘archived’ it. When I talked about this dream with a colleague she asked me a good question: “But why is it your dream? What’s behind it?”. That was a question that made me think.

When I look back on the 30 years of my life there’s a red thread running through it: I want to be seen. That’s not the only thing: I want others to be seen too. This explains why I always had a thing with ‘underdogs‘, why I’m fighting for women’s rights and why I’m enjoying it when in a talent show (The VoiceX FactorIdols) someone has a beautiful and extraordinary voice and nobody expected it. And it also explains my focus on personal development, because through the trainings I let myself be heard so much more than before. During the trainings I realized that I already have a lot of power inside of me. This is a gift I wish everyone would have!

So my life’s mission at this moment? (because it’s still a moment in time) To empower people to make themselves visible and heard by being yourself, by speaking up and by loving yourself. In this I want to be an example for other people, so they can see it’s possible.

And in the upcoming period I will look at all the things in my life that I’m doing and I can look if it fits my mission. That will make it a lot easier to make choices.