Last year, instead of New Year’s resolutions, I chose a word to focus on: trust. To be honest: I haven’t thought about this word a lot after I chose it. I was planning to blog about my word regularly, but I forgot. And maybe that’s ok, because trust is also about letting go. However, when I’m reading what I wrote then it’s funny to see how everything did turn out to be more than fine. During the summer I followed two trainings on personal development and this ignited so much in me. Because of these trainings I have achieved a lot: I started dating, I lost weight, I got a new job (which I’ll be starting in a few weeks) and so much more. I have a different mindset and that’s awesome!

I decided that for 2016 I’m also going to focus on a word (it’s actually two words) and this will be my theme/value: SHOW UP. Last year I received feedback from various people that I don’t believe in and show my power and it’s something I’ve been hearing all my life. I decided that this is what I want to work on in my professional as well as personal life. What does ‘show up’ mean to me? To me, it’s the opposite of ‘hiding’. Showing up is:

  • Taking responsibility for my actions and asking for support instead of blaming myself for mistakes I make (for example: unhealthy eating) and hiding these mistakes.
  • Voicing my opinion or asking a question in a group instead of staying silent.
  • Standing straight instead of making myself physically smaller.

How am I going to work on my word? I already have some great ideas and if you want to know more, you just have to follow my blog. 😉 Since my word is ‘show up’ I definitely feel I should blog about it 😉 so I will commit myself to blog about it at least once a month.
See you next month!